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The purpose of THE NEW YORK ACTOR'S SURVIVAL GUIDE is to confront and combat the many fears an actor has when first making “the big move” to New York City. Every young, aspiring actor needs assistance in his/her quest for success in the business of theatre coupled with the knowledge of how to maintain a comfortable and secure lifestyle in a business that is anything but secure. How do I find an apartment in the City? What are the advantages and disadvantages of living in the boroughs surrounding Manhattan? What sort of survival job would be most suitable for an actor? What are the different types of auditions? When is the right time to join the Union? What should my resume look like? These are all questions that an actor has when first setting foot in NYC. In addition to providing answers to these questions, this handbook delves deep into the psyche of an actor and provides him/her with knowledge and inspiration that can’t be taught in a classroom. This is real life. All of the information contained in this book is based on what an actor must know when first stepping off of that plane.

Due to the constant wave of change in the theatre business, you won't find pages and pages of lists of vocal coaches, agents, dance classes, and so on and so forth as these change on a regular basis. Conversely, THE NEW YORK ACTOR'S SURVIVAL GUIDE is relevant and will stay relevant for quite some time. What's documented in this book are those aspects of the industry that, for all intents and purposes, have stood the test of time - advice that was relevant ten years before it was written and will stay relevant for years and years to come. We'll get down to brass tack on many of the major issues that actors deal with in the City without concerning ourselves with less important, more trivial aspects of the daily life of an actor like "the best deals on dancewear." While this information can be invaluable, it changes almost as regularly as the weather. If you're specifically looking for information regarding topics like this, there is a plethora of works out there suitable to your addition to this book.

THE NEW YORK ACTOR'S SURVIVAL GUIDE provides an in-depth look at the goings-on in and around the City as only one who is living in the midst of it all could describe it. The book goes into great detail regarding factors like how to find an apartment in New York City and how to secure a day job. Through its honest and, at times, humorous nature, this handbook discusses all of the advantages and disadvantages associated with the choices that an actor must make: Which borough is the most affordable? Which is the most convenient? Which job has a more flexible schedule? Which jobs have a higher pay scale? When should I take a taxi as opposed to the train and vice versa? These are all questions rarely acknowledged at the high school/collegiate level of education.

That being said, this handbook is brutally honest. Nothing is sugar-coated. In an industry of such intense polarity, bouts of anxiety, anger, and depression are inevitable. All actors need someone or something to turn to reassuring them that it’s all going to be all right. It’s tough for everyone. This handbook is here to help an actor through those times of confusion and doubt. In its essence, THE NEW YORK ACTOR'S SURVIVAL GUIDE is educational at its core, deliberate in its nature, and as truthful a work as one will find with regard to the theatre industry in New York City.


In April of 2010, the N.Y. LIBRETTO project was the focus of a senior class intensive at the University of Oklahoma in which the students read the textbook and viewed one documentary disc per week followed by an in-depth discussion with the project's creator, Jet Thomason. Of the thirteen graduating seniors, twelve now reside in New York City.